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What We Offer

Pet Pythons

A strong selection of pythons are bred and raised at DoLittle Farm. Always selected for great temperaments, our pet pythons are always of exceptional quality.

Frozen Foods

The flagship here at DoLittle Farm is our Frozen Foods range. There is no other frozen reptile food available in Australia that matches the quality, consistency and availability of DoLittle.

Pet Budgies

With a vibrant array of colours, bred from strong, aviary flown genetics, our pet budgies make amazing pets for those who want a feathered companion.

Mouse Poo Mulch

The recycled, composted animal-bedding waste from DoLittle Farm is a nutrient rich soil conditioner that promotes microbial life and water retention…. perfect for any garden

Keeping Pets Made Easy

DoLittle Farm is not only committed to the responsible keeping of pets, but we strive to make it as easy as possible. We want you to have a fantastic experience with your new pet, and our FactSheets are a reflection of that desire. If we can equip you with knowledge and insight, you can get started on the right foot!
They are FREE for you to download and share.