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Pet Pythons

Established In 2003.

With a passion for reptiles, and a desire to produce the very best, Steve “dabbles” in Python keeping and breeding at DoLittle Farm. Refining breeding stock over the years to focus on what produces the best pets, DoLittle Farm’s Pet Pythons are guaranteed to be fantastic scaly friends. Scroll down to check out what we are up to at the moment.

Children's Python.

CHILDREN’s PYTHONS (Antaresia childreni):

A ground-dwelling python that is a great pet for kids, but their name has nothing to do with young people, and everything to do with a naturalist called John George Children (1777-1852)

Do Little Farm breeds Children’s in various colours;

Normal (wild type), Clean Pattern, Patternless, Ghost, T+Albino, Marble and T-arble.


Stimsons Pythons.

Stimsons Python (Liasis stimsoni)

Similar in size to a Childrens Python, Stimsons Pythons usually have more distinct markings. Hailing from the Eastern, Central and Western regions of inland Australia, they are perhaps the most forgiving of all pythons when it come to high and low temperatures. This is our favourite snake.

DoLittle Farm breeds Stimsons in various colours; Tennant Creek, Lemon sided Windorahs, Wheatbelts, Pilbaras, and 3 strains of T+albino (Sandstone, Orange and Red)



Spotted Pythons.

Spotted Python (Antaresia maculosus)

Boasting a slightly heftier body mass than Children’s and Stimsons, but with the same overall length, Spotted Pythons hail from the more coastal regions of Queensland’s east coast. Spotted (or Macs) have been the delight of many reptile keepers over the years

DoLittle Farm breeds Spotted in various patterns; Normal, Striped Normal, Blonde, Striped Blonde, and Platinum


Diamond Pythons .

Diamond Python (Morelia spilota spilota)

The princess of the reptile world, the raw beauty and gentle disposition of Diamonds has captured the heart of many a snake lover. A cooler climate python of significant size who love a good climb, these guys can easily have you remodelling your house to suit “the Queen”.

DoLittle Farm has a reputation for having some of the most amazing “High Yellow” Diamonds.


Albino Darwin Carpet Pythons.

Albino Darwin Carpet Python (Morelia spilota variegata)

The albino form of the Darwin Carpet is an amazing looking animal. A crisp distinction of white, yellow and gold, it’s astounding to think that this colouration is ‘hidden’ beneath melanin in the natural form, but through a simple genetic colour error, and line-breeding that error, has produced something that looks like it was painted. Some offspring will even express “fluro yellow” around their head as if they were attacked by a marker pen.

DoLittle Farm breeds pure Albino Darwins, with zero infusing of any other species or colour morph.


Centralian Carpet Python.

Centralian Carpet Python (Morelia bredli)

With rusty red, tan, orange, cream, white, and black speckles, this snake screams “Outback Oz”. Found exclusively in the Red Centre, this big python stands in a league all of it’s own. A gentle giant, with a distinct, pronounced head, bredli’s make fantastic pets.
DoLittle Farm breeds Centralians in both Normal and Hypo-melanistic.

Honey Jungle Carpet Pythons:

“Honey” Jungle Carpet Python (Morelia spilota cheynei)

Hailing from the Atherton Tablelands, with their kingdom in the clouds at 1000m elevation, these giants of the Jungles are also ridiculously calm and gentle, with subdued colouration, earning them the nickname “Honey Jungles”. Their character and disposition could not be further removed from their low-land cousins, the Black&Gold Jungles.
DoLittle Farm was the first to offer Honey Jungles to pet owners.

Photo Gallery of some of our snakes.

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