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Established In 2012.

What started as a pair of budgies for the kids to keep and breed, very quickly caught the DoLittle Farm disease called PRODUCTION. It’s funny what happens when you give a robust, fertile bird (like a budgie) a high quality diet, a suitable habitat, and a boy and a girl….


Today, DoLittle Farm breeds a huge array of colours in a “flock aviary”, where the birds are able to interact in a natural way...feeding as a flock, roosting as a flock, flying as a flock, and breeding as a flock. Chicks remain with their mum until fledging (no-one does a better job than mum), when they are then removed from the flock to be imprinted onto people in a family home setting. Shortly after, babies are shipped to their new owners.

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just a sample of the colours that come out of the DoLittle Farm Budgie Flock. CHECK AVAILABILITY GET A FACTSHEET