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Which Reptile is for me?

There is the obvious choice that first needs to be made; Python, Lizard, Turtle or maybe a Frog.

A decision has to be made whether you want a larger python (over 1.5m) or a smaller python (under 1.4m). Examples of Larger Pythons are Carpet and Diamond Pythons. An example of Smaller Pythons is a Children's Python Pythons are very low maintenance. Feeding once per week, a fresh bowl of water a couple of times a week, and a spot clean of the cage once per week is all that is required. A full scrub out of the cage every 6-8 weeks is also needed.
They are silent and have very little odour.
You will need to store Frozen Rodents in a freezer, so you may want to check with other inhabitants of the house.

Lizards are great pets, but you must think about what you plan to do with it. If it is intended to go for bike rides with you, or get pushed around in a pram, then a smaller lizard like a Pygmy Bearded is probably not suitable, but a larger one like a Centralian Bearded would be perfect.
Some lizards are very costly to keep, due to their huge appetites (like monitors), while others are pretty inexpensive as they will feed on a lot of table/cooking scraps (like Bluetongues).
Of all the lizards, Bearded Dragons are one of the best pets, with Centralian Bearded Dragons being our recommended pet for all ages.
Pygmy Bearded Dragons are also great pets, but they are a little more of a 'scatterbrain', and so less suited for young children.
Lizards require insects on a weekly basis, and fresh diced veggies every day. They will need fresh water daily, and a spot clean of the cage every two days. A full scrub out of their cage every 4-6 weeks is essential.

Turtles are great pets, with intriguing habits and a somewhat 'friendly' look about them. The respond well to human interaction, and will often approach the front of a tank to greet their owners.
Turtles do grow large, and so thought needs to be given to providing larger enclosures when they grow (like a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft tank or an escape-proof pond).
They need all the equipment used in keeping tropical fish, however they aren't pH sensitive, so cleaning is far easier than fish.
Turtles need to be fed daily, and will need their cage cleaned on a monthly basis. Good filtration is essential for a healthy turtle.

Frogs are wonderful additions to a home. Having an animal that starts croaking and calling when a storm comes or when they are just happy is a delightful change to manmade sounds that usually fill a home.
Frogs are reasonably small animals, and so donít require enormous housing. They will feed daily on a diet of insects, and will need fresh water available to them every day.
Having Frogs in the home demands a rethinking of home hygiene. Many household chemicals and sprays are toxic to Frogs, and so consideration for this must be given prior to the frog's arrival.
Superior in every way...that's the Dolittle Difference!