Thawing Method for Frozen Rats and Mice

There are many ideas and 'techniques' for thawing Frozen Rats and Mice (FRM). Below is a method DoLittle Farm recommends as best practice to maintain food quality and palatability.
  1. Remove required amount of food from the ziplock pack. Reseal the pack and return to freezer.
  2. Place a single piece of 2-ply, unscented paper hand towel on a heatpad, heatcord or other warm surface (like a VCR that is on). Place the rat or mouse on top of the paper towel. It is a good idea to do this close to your pet reptile's cage, as he will smell the food and become quite excited.
  3. After an appropriate amount of time, turn the rat or mouse over and thaw the other side. Click here for a thawing time chart
  4. Once the rat or mouse is thawed and warm to the touch, check the abdomen for any frozen or cool spots by rolling around between your fingers and thumb.
  5. When satisfied the rat or mouse is thawed and warm (approx 38oC - close to your body temperature), offer to your pet reptile as soon as possible.
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