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Dear Stephen,
...the DEC strongly supports the conduct of reptile courses by experts to educate new reptile keepers in the housing and husbandry requirements of their new pets. You undoubtedly are one of those experts...

J W Hardy
Cooordinator Wildlife Licensing

Dear Steve,
I wish to convey our sincere thanks for your wonderful presentation today at Probus Club of Molong
Your presentation was first class, the members (especially the ladies) loved the snakes (well some of them anyway) and the fellas were quite happy to sit back and watch...

Barbara Strong (publicity officer)

Dear Steve
Not sure if you remember, but a while ago you gave me advice about defrosting mice for feeding to my snakes. I took your advice and bought a heat mat instead of using the boiling water method that the ****************** advised me was the only possible way of defrosting mice/rats (they actually treated me like I had three heads when I questioned this, sowho knows how many other people are going through the same as me). The strange thing about this is that they must believe this is the only way to defrost mice/rats as they would make more money selling me a heat mat than advising me to use boiling water. All is now good at 'reptilefeedingsville' verses 'explodingmousegutsville'. Your method is exponentially longer than pouching, but with the heat mat under the huge setup I have, the snakes are pretty much ready to eat at the appropriate moment, and the mice are not pouched/cooked/ruined/exploding when bitten.

I thank you, and bow to your knowledge on these things, even though it was probably blatantly obvious to you -you have saved me from cleaning up pouched mouse guts post feed. This nearly put me off keeping snakes. You have a customer for life.

Thanks again, Mac

Dear Steve
Just a quick note on the coastal carpet I bought off you.
This snake does not even look like biting any of the kids or myself which is great, it has settled in to its new enclosure and has shown as far as I know no stress like symptoms. I did not try to feed the animal on Sunday night as I thought it may want to settle down a bit, but when I went to feed it on Monday it grabbed the Fuzzie and ate it with no trouble at all. So I guess that the animal is not stressed or bothered at all. I shall now give it some peace & quiet for a couple of days. I have already made plans on building another cage because these snakes have now got me sucked right in and I canít wait to purchase another some time soon.
Again thank you for all your great advice and time you spent with me guiding me in the right direction on keeping a snake. I can see my boys having a great time with these animals and once again thankyou for your TIME.


Dear Steve
Got the snake all fine and healthy yesterday afternoon and just wanted to say thanks.
It looks awesome!

Mark H

Dear Steve
The snake looks great and has settled in nicely and has been great to handle. He's been exploring his terrarium extensively and loves to sleep either in his hide or on one of the sticks in his cage near the roof. Thanks so much, your help has been greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,
Darren B.

Dear Steve
How are you, I am writing to let you know that Myself, mum, cousin and friend really enjoyed the python care course recently...
Thankyou again, the course was really fun thanks

Jarret T.

Dear Steve
Hi, I bought a diamond python from you at *********** in Feb, he is doing great a perfect snake great temperament has never bitten us once and we try to get him out most night's

Luke H.

Dear Steve
They are so adorable - we have them in the tank and they are beginning to explore their new home. And we are all fighting to be in the lab where they are housed! Thank you for all your assistance with getting the right set up, and for selecting such cute turtles. Merrilyn is paranoid that they won't breath, but I'm sure they will adjust quickly!
Thank you again Stephen - these turtles will be well loved!

And we look forward to more purchases of wildlife from Dolittle Farm!

Sarah and Merrilyn
Queenwood School for Girls
Superior in every way...that's the Dolittle Difference!