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How can I go on holidays?

Reptiles will handle long periods without food, allowing many keepers to go away for holidays without much problem. It is always advisable to have someone check on animals whilst you are away.
Below are some guides to how long your pets can go without food if you were to go away. We must stress that these figures are guides only, and assume that the pet is in excellent condition.

Pythons can go for up to 16 weeks without food before they seriously start to lose weight.
There is no issue whatsoever with a pet python owner going away for up to a month provided water is available to their pet all the time.

Due to their fast metabolism, Bearded Dragons need to eat regularly. Feeding diced veggies twice per week would be quite acceptable for a period of up to 4 weeks provided fresh water was available.

Turtles can safely go without food for up to 14 days, however it would be great if some live fish were available for the turtle to hunt down during this time. Evaporation of water might be an issue in summer.

Frogs can go for 2-3 weeks without food before significant weight loss occurs. Water must be available every day.
The above guides will work much better if your animal has had lots of feeds prior to you going away, and it has passed the majority of its excrement as well. Be prepared when you return from holidays for your animal to want to feed more regularly to catch up on lost weight gain.
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