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Python Breeding Room
Adult pythons are housed in individual, climate controlled cages.
Housing all of our pythons individually means every animal can be monitored and recorded, and all pythons can live as the dominant animal in their environment, ensuring maximum breeding potential.

Python Incubation and Rearing
After the mother has laid her eggs, they are removed from her and artificially incubated.  
Once born, baby pythons (hatchlings) are kept in modified plastic containers until readily feeding.
Once feeding reliably, baby pythons are moved to larger containers ready for sale.

Dragon and Turtle Breeding Garden
The Dragon and Turtle Breeding Garden is currently under construction.

Watch this space for pictures when complete!

Baby Turtle Tubs
All of our baby turtles are housed in filtered and heated plastic tubs with overheat UV lighting.

Tubs can be cleaned and sterilized quickly and efficiently, and by using a tub system we can keep clutches of babies separate to minimise an possible disease contamination, as well as reducing the risk of ‘overcrowding’ or dominant aggressive behaviour of some individuals.

Baby Dragon Tubs
All baby Bearded Dragons are housed in plastic tubs with floor(conductive) heat at night, and overhead basking heat and UV during the day.

By using a tub system, clutches of Dragons can be kept isolated from each other to reduce the risks of overcrowding, size dominance, aggressive behaviour of individuals, and disease contamination reduction

Frog Forest
The outdoor 'Frog Forest' is a semi heated habitat that resembles prime frog real estate in the wild. Complete with waterfalls and ponds, and separate metamorphosis and growing areas, the Frog Forest is a determined attempt to replicate the wild and entice multiple species of Frogs to co-habit and successfully breed.

The Frog Forest is currently under construction.

Rodent Rooms
Multiple Rodent Rooms are used to hold our Rat and Mouse colonies. All of our colonies are protected from extreme weather, and have excellent airflow to reduce odour and increase fresh air availability.

Access to the Rodent Rooms is through a triple door system to ensure no unwanted departures, and no unwanted arrivals.

All cages are cleaned weekly, with fresh food and water available at all times.

Just like your kitchen at home, the Washroom is an important part of the DoLittle Farm Facility. Cold and Hot Water, Double sink, Fridge and Freezer, Disinfectants, Carbon Dioxide gas, Paper towel and a myriad of other equipment used in the day to day running of DoLittle is all kept in the Washroom.

Multiple Freezers are used to store our Frozen Rats and Mice. By using multiple freezers, good stock rotation can be achieved (ensuring constant freshness of product), and a minimising of thawing risk in the event of a breakdown.

Our Freezers are used for nothing else but DoLittle Farm Frozen Rats and Mice.

Rodent Food Storage
Feeding 14,000 rodents requires a lot of food. And there is one thing that is absolutely critical, we can never run out.

Our food used is manufactured specifically for DoLittle Farm, and has been developed for us by the world's largest animal nutrition company.

Excellent Rodent Food = Excellent Rodents = Excellent Reptile Food

Rodent Bedding Storage
DoLittle Farm uses a massive amount of wood shavings as bedding for all rodents. These shavings are a good use of a by-product of the building and furniture industries.

All of our shavings are dust-extracted to ensure they are safe and 'rodent friendly'.

Once used, our shavings are often re-used by people as garden mulches and soil builders (full of nitrogen and phosphate!)

Superior in every way...that's the Dolittle Difference!