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Frozen Foods

All of our Frozen Foods are:
of the highest quality
produced in hygienic conditions.
fed a high quality, standardised pellet diet developed and produced by a world leader in animal nutrition.
euthanased using carbon dioxide (CO2)
packed and frozen within minutes of euthanasing, preserving freshness, palatability and gut content.
(ensuring a complete diet for your pet)
packed in small quantities allowing efficient freezing, and minimal bacterial decay.
always labeled, barcoded, have instructions for use and a 'packed on' date.
freighted in dry ice (-78C) or electronic freezing (-20C) to retailers ensuring no thawing in transit.
Unfortunately, after delivering to a retailer, we are unable to control what happens to our foods.
We recommend that our customers check each bag at the time of purchase for traces of blood. Should blood be evident on multiple animals per bag, then thawing has most likely taken place. In this instance, avoid such packets of food and notify your retailer.

Reptiles and Frogs

All DoLittle Farm Reptiles and Frogs are: guaranteed healthy at time of sale, and for a period of 14 days after sale.
guaranteed feeding on appropriate food
vet checked prior to sale - a vet certificate is issued with every reptile or frog sold.
kept in clean and hygienic conditions
if not bred by us, sourced from breeders who satisfy our strict husbandry and management requirements
ready for you to take home and enjoy.
Come with birth date, pedigree information, feed dates (for pythons) and are sexed where possible.
DoLittle Farm Reptiles and Frogs are sold as pets only, and are not guaranteed as breeding animals. DoLittle Farm reserves the right to request further veterinary tests to be carried out (at the purchaser's expense) before any guarantee is upheld. In the event of a guarantee being upheld, DoLittle Farm is liable for the purchase price of the animal only.
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