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DoLittle Farm is located on a picturesque 400 acre property in the Central West of NSW, Australia. It is owned and managed by Steve Leisk BSc., with a specific focus on reptiles, reptile food, and amphibians.

The DoLittle Farm Facility is a custom built, insulated and environment controlled building, and houses some 14,000 animals; mice, rats, turtles, frogs, lizards, dragons, pythons, and a couple of staff. The Facility is vet inspected on a quarterly basis ensuring our breeding rooms, animal enclosures, and livestock are healthy and disease free, with all pet animals destined for sale issued with a Vet Certificate at the time of sale.

DoLittle Farm is dedicated to producing pets and products of the highest quality. From the tiniest of features to the largest of details, the information in our care-sheets or the content of our Reptile Keeper Courses, DoLittle Farm is committed to providing nothing but the best. Everything undertaken at DoLittle Farm is carefully thought out and executed to the highest standards, ensuring that all DoLittle Farm animals, products and services are superior in every way, we guarantee it!
Superior in every way...that's the Dolittle Difference!