Reptile Keeper Courses at a glance

DoLittle Farm Reptile Keeper Courses are designed to equip first time owners of particular types of reptiles and frogs with the information they need to successfully keep these animals as pets. Course participants are able to acquire a pet reptile or frog from DoLittle Farm at the completion of the relevant course. Reptile Keeper Courses deal with the following topics: We also discuss the relevant equipment and housing options available to the reptile keeper, what works, what is needed, and what to avoid.

All Reptile Keeper Courses are 2 hrs in length, making them appropriate for children from about 10 yrs and up. Children under this age are encouraged to attend, but parents must be aware that they may become easily distracted in the second hour of the course.

All attendees under the age of 16 yrs must be accompanied by a guardian or parent.
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