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What costs are associated with keeping a pet reptile?

Setting up for your first pet reptile or frog is always the dearest part.
You can expect to pay the following ballpark figures to setup a basic baby reptile or frog cage at home.
Pythons $200-$350
Dragons $250-$500
Turtles $250-$500
Frogs $150-$250
Within 18 months of purchase, most pet reptiles will need larger housing, and you can expect to pay at least these prices again, usually more.

Once per year, your pet will need to see a vet for a checkup, and there is always the possibility of something happening where a vet is needed. It would be safe to budget about $150 for vet bills per year (if all goes well, this figure might come down to about $70)

Food and cleaning of your reptiles cage are weekly expenses, and these hover around $10-$20 per week. A more species specific price is listed in the DoLittle Farm Pet Reptile Catalogue.
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